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Blaine Gabbert Not Throwing At NFL Combine; Cam Newton Will

Missouri Tigers QB Blaine Gabbert has decided not to throw at the 2011 NFL Combine later this week, according to a report from Sporting News, and that's barely became a blip in the sports news radar. That's likely because many of the quarterbacks expected to be selected high in the draft choose not to throw at the NFL Combine instead waiting for their pro day.

Gabbert has reportedly decided to wait but what's interesting is that his competition, Auburn QB Cam Newton, will indeed throw at the NFL Combine, according to the AP.

Cam Newton plans to fully participate in the NFL combine that begins later this week, saying he wants "to be transparent" through the whole draft process.    

Gabbert and Newton are expected to be the top two quarterbacks taken so that's why this is an interesting decision. Gabbert's arm won't be on full display until March 17, the date of Mizzou's pro day. Newton will be giving scouts an early look at his arm by throwing at the Combine this weekend.

You can make an argument one way or the other is good or bad but that's tough to prove. On the one hand, you wouldn't want to work out at the NFL Combine so that you can be better prepared at your pro day in a more familiar environment. On the other hand, NFL executives like to see players who are willing to put it on the line like Newton apparently is.