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2011 NFL Mock Drafts Make Good Point With DE Aldon Smith, Rams

We're checking out the various 2011 NFL mock drafts out there and they continue to project Missouri Tigers DE Aldon Smith in the top half of the first round. We've seen him connected to the Houston Texans with the 11th pick often but SB Nation's Brian Galliford's latest mock draft has him going to the St. Louis Rams at the 14th pick.

In making the pick, he makes a good point about the Rams and Smith:

Steve Spagnuolo was part of a Giants organization known for stocking up on defensive ends; he hasn't had the opportunity to do that yet in St. Louis. The team does need to complement Chris Long, however, and Smith's athleticism and upside are both through the roof.    

The Giants were lauded the year they won the Super Bowl for stocking up on defensive linemen, and Spagnuolo was part of that team. As Galliford noted, the Rams already have Chris Long and Smith could be a solid complement to him.

In the Rams defense, Smith would be a 4-3 defensive end as opposed to a 3-4 outside linebacker. We should get a better idea over the coming weeks and months which position NFL teams think he'll be best at.

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