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Blaine Gabbert Will Run, Not Throw, At 2011 NFL Combine, Agent Confirms

The agent for Missouri Tigers QB Blaine Gabbert confirmed to Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Tuesday that his client will run at the 2011 NFL Combine, but won't pass, confirming previous reports.

"Gabbert will run. He's just not going to throw," Condon said. "We haven't had any of our guys throw (at the Combine)."

Gabbert will instead throw at Mizzou's March 17th pro day, his agent confirmed.

We've talked about the advantage and disadvantages to throwing at the NFL Combine. The disadvantages, in my mind, outweigh the advantages. It's hard to envision what Gabbert could do that would put him head and shoulders above the other top quarterback prospect, Auburn QB Cam Newton. 

Gabbert is an athletic quarterback, though, so seeing him run will still be useful. NFL teams place a higher priority on quarterbacks that can do multiple things in addition to throwing the ball well. Gabbert's athleticism could be a way to boost his cause.