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2011 NFL Mock Draft Pick Of The Week Is Blaine Gabbert To Buffalo Bills

The NFL mock draft pick of the week is...QB Blaine Gabbert to the Buffalo Bills.

It seems we've seen an uptick in 2011 NFL mock drafts that predict Gabbert will land in Buffalo. We started the weekwith Brian Galliford of Buffalo Rumblings taking Gabbert with the Bills pick in his latest mock draft. That's been followed by Don Banks of who writes Gabbert will land in Buffalo because he's the most ready-now quarterback.

There are hints and signals that Buffalo likes Auburn's Cam Newton, and maybe so. But it stands to reason that Chan Gailey and Buddy Nix need the quarterback who is most NFL-ready right now, and from all indications that's Gabbert. The Missouri standout needs to prove he can make the transition from spread offense to a pro-style attack, but if the Bills find their comfort zone with him, they have to pounce. Buffalo's search for the next Jim Kelly has gone on long enough.

If ready now means starting from day one, I'd disagree with this assessment. Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick wasn't a total bust at quarterback and Chan Gailey does great work with quarterbacks, so I could see a situation where there's a quarterback like Fitzpatrick in there for a year. 

The great thing about the draft is that, even without any games played, draft stocks will rise and fall and our board will look different. Even with that change, Gabbert will be a high pick if he's the first or second quarterback taken, as expected.