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Mizzou Basketball An Eight-Point Favorite Over Baylor

The Missouri Tigers will return home to face Baylor on Wednesday night after a weekend road trip to Iowa State. Mizzou has put together three consecutive wins over Oklahoma, Texas Tech and Iowa State and, if you believe the college basketball odds, they'll make it four in a row against Baylor.

The Tigers are an eight-point favorite and, if momentum means anything, they've got that advantage, too, as Baylow has lost two of their last three.

Bill Connelly of SB Nation's Rock M Nation predicts that, despite Baylor's rebounding advantage, Mizzou will come out on top.

Just like there is danger in taking on the crazy guy in a fight, there is fear in playing Baylor.  At any moment, the Bears could wake up and remind everybody why they were so highly-touted in the pre-season.  That said, the odds are in Missouri's favor -- in fact, I'll go ahead and predict a 75-65 Missouri victory.  Survive this one, and you give yourself a puncher's chance at third in the conference.  Slip up -- or just get swarmed by an angry, poked bear -- and it could still be a struggle to get to 8-8 in conference.  Big game.    

Big game indeed. In  fact, it's the first of four consecutive big games to end the season. After Baylor, the Tigers will go on the road to Kansas State and Nebraska before coming back home to host Kansas.

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