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Mizzou's Ricardo Ratliffe Explains How To Handle Baylor's Trash-Talking

Baylor was an eight-point underdog heading into Wednesday night's game against Mizzou so they probably didn't have a ton of room to be trash-talking but, according to Missouri's Ricardo Ratliffe, that's what they started doing shortly after tip-off.

"Yeah, they're weak, they're small," Ratliffe said he overheard from J'Mison Morgan, who scored on a putback for the first basket.

So what's the proper way to respond? 

"Then we started getting more aggressive and he started kind of being friendly with me. I guess they thought we were soft at first, so once we proved them wrong they just started being on our side, congratulating us."    

This is awesome. I'm sure others, including Ratliffe, had their own share of trash-talking to do but his version sounds pretty good (to Mizzou fans at least). 

Mizzou dominated this game pretty much from the start so Baylor didn't have much of a choice but to zip it. At halftime it was a 13-point game and Mizzou didn't let up winning by 18.