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Blaine Gabbert, Rest Of QBs Arriving At 2011 NFL Combine

The 2011 NFL Combine is underway. 

The first group of players -- kickers, offensive linemen and tight ends -- arrived on Wednesday and will conduct their first workouts on Friday. The second group of players -- quarterbacks, receivers and running backs -- will arrive on Thursday.

That group will include the top two quarterbacks in the draft, QB Blaine Gabbert and QB Cam Newton.

What's going on in day one for Gabbert and Co.?

They'll register with the Combine folks and take some pre-workout medical exams. For players that have been injured, this is an important part of the process as injury can arguably affect your draft stock more than anything.

They will also start meeting with NFL teams this evening. Each team comes to the Combine with 60 players they want to interview. Each interview lasts 15 minutes and takes place each evening. 

Though they're arriving today, the quarterbacks, receivers and running backs won't work out until Sunday.