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Mizzou Basketball Is Flawed But Stills Controls Baylor

Following the Missouri Tigers' 77-59 victory over Baylor on Wednesday night, Mizzou head coach Mike Anderson said it was one of the most complete games they've played in the last few weeks. While that's the case, not everything was perfect. 

As Bill Connelly of SB Nation's Rock M Nation explains, things could have been much worse for Baylor.

Phil Pressey, Mike Dixon and Matt Pressey combined for eight points on 2-for-15 shooting and six turnovers.  And Missouri won by 18.  Mizzou's identity destroyed Baylor's, but when all was said and done, outside of Bowers and Ratliffe, Mizzou really didn't even play very well.  Scary.

Scary indeed.

What's also scary is that Mizzou outrebounded one of the better rebounding teams in the conference. Here's a good stat from Connelly: Ricardo Ratliffe and Laurence Bowers combined for 22 rebounds in 54 minutes while Baylor's Perry Jones III and Quincy Acy combined for 19 rebounds in 61 minutes. That's not Mizzou's strength but, on Wednesday night, it was.

I'd encourage you to check out the full recap at Rock M Nation.