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2011 NFL Combine Schedule: What's Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert Doing Today?

Former Missouri Tigers QB Blaine Gabbert arrived at the 2011 NFL Combine in Indianapolis on Thursday. The drills don't come until the weekend so on Thursday he registered, took some pre-Combine medical exams (which are arguably the most important part of the entire week), went through orientation and met with some NFL teams.

On Friday, the schedule will be similar.

He'll be going through physical measurement -- is he really 6'4"? -- and other tests, like the Wonderlic Test. Then he'll have more interviews with NFL teams in the evening. He will though speak with the media. And with NFL Network's coverage of every minute of the Combine, we'll be seeing video of it.

Gabbert came in with the most popular group -- quarterbacks, receivers and running backs -- so there will be a lot of media excitement surrounding those players. 

This group of players won't work out until Saturday. The first actual workouts will come today with place kickers and special teamers while offensive linemen and tight ends will go on Saturday.