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2011 NFL Combine: Mizzou DE Aldon Smith Arriving

The 2011 NFL Combine continues on and we've yet to see a player actually work out. That will come today when the place kickers and special teamers workout. On Saturday, the offensive linemen and tight ends will work out and on Sunday it'll be the quarterbacks, receivers and running backs.

Today, though, defensive linemen and linebackers will be arriving at the Combine in Indianapolis and that includes former Missouri Tigers DE Aldon Smith. 

His schedule today includes the travel to Indy and then registering upon arrival.

There will be some medical exams before he does anything. Some NFL people have told me that the medical tests are the reason the Combine exists. That's what teams are coming to get. For someone like Smith, who had a broken leg last season, it's very important he show that he's healthy, or on the track to getting healthy.

He will go through some sort of orientation or "Welcome to the Combine' before interviews. NFL teams bring with them 60 names they'll interview for 15 minutes at a time. If your name is on a team's list, you'll be meeting with them at some point. I imagine a versatile player like Smith has drawn a lot of interest.