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2011 NFL Combine: Blaine Gabbert Weighs In, 'Looks The Part'

Former Missouri TIgers QB Blaine Gabbert is viewed favorably by NFL teams in part because he has an NFL body. He's big, athletic and has a strong arm. Those are the types of things that scouts will like to see at the 2011 NFL Combine, particularly at weigh-in.

On Friday, Gabbert weighed in at the Combine in Indianapolis and the results: 6'4" and 3/8, 234 pounds. National Football Post's Wes Bunting said Gabbert had "big hands" and "looked the part". Gabbert's in a class with some very big quarterbacks like QB Cam Newton and QB Ryan Mallett so he has some competition on the size.

Speaking of Newton and Mallett, they also weighed in on Friday. Newton came in at 6'5" and 248 pounds. Bunting said he was "impressive looking". Mallet came in at 6'6" and 6/8 and weighed 253 pounds. Bunting wrote he "had a bad body, looked soft".

Now that they've weighed in, they'll go through some medical tests, meet with the media and later meet with NFL teams interview-style. The quarterbacks won't be working out until Sunday. Gabbert will run but he won't throw. As of now, he's the only one of the top quarterbacks not expected to throw.