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Mike Mayock Breaks Down Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert

Former Missouri Tigers QB Blaine Gabbert didn't throw at the 2011 NFL Combine in Indianapolis and was the only top QB that didn't do so. We're not walking out of the Combine thinking any other quarterback definitely leaped ahead of Gabbert as one of the top quarterbacks. Right now, it's he and former Auburn QB Cam Newton at the top of the quarterback list. In other words, the quarterbacks didn't change on our 2011 NFL mock drafts. 

NFL Network's Mike Mayock spent a few minutes talking about Gabbert and where he stands relative to other quarterbacks who have been in his position.

"He's got a bigger transition than Sam Bradford or Matt Ryan; it's more similar to (Joe) Flacco," Mayock said. "He's a spread quarterback who never gets under center where Ryan, Bradford and (Stafford) occasionally went under. You saw them do it. Fifty percent of his throws are catch, rock and throw with no footwork whatsoever and the other 50 percent are three step and hitch, which means there's going to be a transition on his footwork, no question about it."

Gabbert, though, has shown a willingness to work so you gotta think that, if it can be improved, it will be. One of the best things Gabbert has going for him is his claim that he won't be out-worked. If he can prove that throughout his career, he'll end up being worth a top 10 pick.

Mayock has Newton as his No. 3 quarterback, and former Washington QB Jake Locker as his second quarterback, with Gabbert at No. 2, so he clearly believes in the Mizzou QB.

Mayock said, "I believe in Blaine Gabbert" and indicated that, no matter the situation, if you need a franchise quarterback and you think this guy is one, then you need to pull the trigger.

Making a hard decision at quarterback with a high draft pick? Calling Cincinnati....