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2011 NFL Draft: Titans Overhaul Should Benefit QB Class And Blaine Gabbert

The Tennessee Titans have completely wiped the slate clean at both key positions aside from general manager. After making it known that Vince Young will not be the future Titans quarterback, the team also parted ways recently with long-time head coach Jeff Fisher, a 16-year veteran on the Titans’ sidelines. It’s a combined set of moves that declare the team is ready for a brand new identity in the AFC South.

Generally, when making such sweeping moves, the quarterback position is one of the first pieces addressed. If not in year one, then certainly by the second draft, the team stakes its claim in their pick for Quarterback of the Future. That’s the thought process behind the latest mock from NESN when choosing Blaine Gabbert for the Titans No. 8 pick in the draft.

Perhaps Cam Newton or Jake Locker will be chosen there, but with Gabbert’s strong arm, athleticism and ideal size, he’s as good a choice as any at this point. And he should be thankful for yet another team in the Top 10 declaring they’re ready for a clean slate — the undrafted quarterback’s best friend.