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Missouri Basketball Exits Big 12 Tournament Bracket Following Loss To Texas A&M

So how did Mizzou lose to Texas A&M in the Big 12 tournament semifinals?

Offense. The 9th ranked offense in the country consistently struggled against the Aggies losing 86-71 on Thursday night inside Kansas City's Sprint Center.

Missouri started the game hitting two of their first 19 shots and though things got better they were never able to go on any sort of run. Big men Ricardo Ratliffe and Laurence Bowers were kept in check for the most part and Texas A&M dominated the boards, especially early in the game mounting their lead.

The Tigers ended the game shooting 31 percent from the field and hitting just three three-pointers. That's in contrast to A&M who shot 58 percent from the field and hit eight three-pointers. Mizzou was just inconsistent throughout the game. They depend on their offense running smoothly and it didn't on Thursday. Credit goes to Texas A&M for taking advantage.

Mizzou struggles on the road but there were enough Mizzou fans in attendance to make it feel like a home game. Unfortunately, they never had a chance to get into the game.

Missouri moves onto the NCAA tournament next week and Texas A&M will move on to face Texas on Friday night.

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