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Arkansas Fires John Pelphrey; Mizzou's Mike Anderson Next Target?

Arkansas has fired head basketball coach John Pelphrey according to multiple reports. The move isn't a surprise as we just talked a few weeks ago about rumors floating around that Pelphrey would be fired and Arkansas would pursue Missouri head coach Mike Anderson.

Anderson was asked about it then and he said he plans to be at Mizzou for a long time and retire in Columbia. Now that Pelphrey has been fired, there are a couple of conflicting reports out there on where Arkansas will make a run at Anderson.

ESPN's Doug Gottlieb, who originally reported Arkansas' interest in Anderson, writes today: "Arkansas is coming open, hearing it will not be Mike Anderson."

Jeff Goodman of wrote the opposite today: "Sources have told that Arkansas will target Missouri's Mike Anderson - and he has Nolan Richardson's blessing if wants to go."

So is he or isn't he? We know what Anderson said. He said he's not leaving.

That said, just because he says that doesn't mean Arkansas won't pursue him. The key for Anderson, in my mind, is to squash it immediately. He has already publicly said he wants to stay at Missouri. So if/when his names continues to pop up, he should issue a statement re-affirming his commitment to Missouri.