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Mizzou Basketball Coach Mike Anderson On Arkansas Rumors: 'I'm A Missouri Tiger'

Will Mike Anderson be leaving the Missouri Tigers as head coach and joining the Arkansas Razorbacks. We're not sure but once again Anderson responded to questions about the Razorbacks rumored interest in Anderson after firing head coach John Pelphrey over the weekend.

His response: "I'm a Missouri Tiger." Anderson said his players trust him and Mizzou AD Mike Alden said Anderson is committed to Missouri. Via KC Star:

"Mike's always been straightforward and forthcoming and committed to everything that we're trying to do at Mizzou," Alden said. "That's who he is as a person."

The problem is that the Arkansas rumors don't appear to be leaving anytime soon. Nolan Richardson, former Arkansas head coach, said several weeks ago Anderson should accept the job if offered.

This is the third consecutive year Anderson has been connected to an open job while with the Tigers. Obviously, he passed on the first two -- Georgia and Oregon -- while Arkansas represents the third.

With all eyes on college basketball this week, I think Anderson can expect to hear about those rumors again.