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NCAA Tournament 2011: Mizzou Vs. Cincinnati A Tale Of Two Basketball Styles

The Missouri Tigers basketball team is in the NCAA tournament and their first job will be playing the Cincinnati Bearcats on Thursday night in the opening round. SB Nation's Down The Drive, our Cincinnati blog, talked about the Tigers after learning that would be their round one opponent. 

This should be a pretty interesting match up because of the two contrasting styles of play that will be put on display in front of the entire nation. UC tries to grind people into submission with relentless defense and a slow and steady offensive approach. Missouri on the other hand is all tempo all the time. They play at one of the fastest paces in the nation and rarely if ever go deep into the shot clock. It should be a great match up and I for one can't wait for Thursday to get here.    

This will be a fun matchup and it's expected to be very close. The Tigers are a one point favorite according to some oddsmakers while others have the two teams as a pick 'em. Vegas isn't wrong very often so the first round likely won't be for the faint of heart if you're a Mizzou fan.

I for one am looking forward to this game. I know the potential Mizzou has and what they can do when they're playing at a high level. Unfortunately, it's a matter of actually doing that, which they haven't done lately. We'll see how the Tigers approach it on Thursday night.

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