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2011 NFL Mock Drafts Bring Back Blaine Gabbert To Buffalo Bills

2011 NFL mock drafts have fairly consistently over the last month had Missouri Tigers QB Blaine Gabbert in the top 10 of the 2011 NFL draft. Previously, Gabbert would occasionally sneak into the top 10 but was often in the early teens in his draft projections.

The last few weeks, though, we've seen several teams being attached to Gabbert including the Carolina Panthers, Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals and Arizona Cardinals.

The latest 2011 NFL mock draft from has Gabbert landing in Buffalo.

Thanks to surprising play from Ryan Fitzpatrick, the Bills don't believe they have an immediate need at quarterback. They also do not have long-term direction, a solid backup, nor a face to the franchise. Gabbert would get the development time he needs in Buffalo.    

Ah, the old question: Do you start a rookie immediately or let him sit? I think if most folks had their way a quarterback picked high would get at least a year to sit and learn the system as well as the pro game in general. However, that often doesn't happen because, well, if you're picking in the top 10 there's a good chance don't have a great quarterback situation.

In Buffalo, the Bills could conceivably stick with QB Ryan Fitzpatrick for a year allowing Gabbert a chance to settle in as a pro. If that scenario is possible, I think that would be best for him.

Of course if he does go to Buffalo, there will be pressure to play him since you picked him so high.