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NFL Scouts Eager To See Blaine Gabbert's Pro Day At Missouri

There's a belief in some league circles that QB Blaine Gabbert's Missouri pro day on March 17 can wrap up the No. 1 pick for him with an excellent performance. I'm not sure that I'd go that far but that's the chatter around the league. The reason folks are so excited for this pro day is because he didn't throw at the 2011 NFL Combine so there are quite a few scouts and NFL folks that haven't seen him throw in person. 

That will all change on Thursday when he takes the field in Columbia to be picked and prodded by NFL scouts for his performance. They'll have a chance to talk to him and get an up-close look.

Gabbert's agent, Tom Condon, is well-versed in having quarterbacks picked high in the draft. He's one of the best agents in the business and routinely has his quarterbacks prepared so I wouldn't expect anything but a solid performance from Gabbert on Thursday.

Scouts will also get to see DE Aldon Smith work out but at this point he's the backup story (even though he'll be a first round pick, too). This show is all about Gabbert.

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