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NCAA Tournament Basketball Odds: Mizzou Favored (By Some) To Beat Cincinnati

The Missouri Tigers have arrived. According to various Twitter accounts from Mizzou basketball players, the Tigers have arrived in Washington D.C. for their Thursday night game against the Cincinnati Bearcats. Mizzou has a couple of days to prepare (and get used to the one-hour time difference!).

Mizzou will play Cincinnati on Thursday night -- 8:50 p.m. (CT) tip -- and the latest college basketball odds say they'll win...unless they don't.

Mizzou is a one-point favorite by some odds outlets while the game is a pick 'em at other outlets. In other words, Vegas doesn't know. If you're into close games and exciting finishes, then this is probably the one for you.

Though I'd like to see Mizzou win, if I'm getting greedy I'd like to see a hell of a game as well. That one-point line indicates I may get my wish.

If the Tigers win, they'll be facing the winner of UConn and Bucknell. UConn would give them a chance to see the great Kemba Walker while Bucknell would...well, ask KU fans what Bucknell is like.

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