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Daniel Thomas' Pro Day Rescheduled For April 4 At Kansas State

Kansas State Wildcats RB Daniel Thomas is expected to be picked in the first 3-4 rounds of the 2011 NFL draft but he hasn't yet gotten the opportunity to work out for NFL teams. He missed the 2011 Senior Bowl and NFL Combine with a nagging hamstring injury and was also unable to work out at Kansas State's pro day on Tuesday.

He will, though, have a chance to work out for scouts before the April 28 draft. 

According to Rob Rang of, Thomas will work out for scouts on April 4 at the Kansas State facility. There he'll be able to run and get some updated numbers of other workouts.

Thomas' 40-yard dash isn't the most important thing in the world for him because he's a bigger back and not someone whose talent is predicated on speed. 

Other than game tape, the medical portion of the NFL draft process is among the most important. Teams will need to be sure Thomas is healthy following his hamstring injury.

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