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2011 NFL Draft: Blaine Gabbert Scores 42 On Wonderlic Test

Missouri Tigers QB Blaine Gabbert has one thing going for him -- he's smart. Well, at least the Wonderlic Test suggests he's smart. Gabbert and other pro prospects took the aptitude test and he tells Rich Eison that he scored a 42 on the test. The highest possible score is 50 so 42 is considered very high.

That's good news for Gabbert because one of his strengths is that he's smart, which is obviously a critical aspect of being a quarterback in the NFL. These days, more and more teams are concerned with "character" and having a good head on your shoulders is part of that.

That said, the Wonderlic isn't a big part of the draft process and just because you score well doesn't mean you're not a turd. But the score does support the idea that Gabbert is a smart player.

Will it matter when draft time comes? I doubt it matters much. Usually a score that's too low would hurt you but anythign above average won't hurt or necessarily help you. 

One interesting school of thought on a high Wonderlic score is that it could be construed as a bad thing because coaches may not want someone in the locker room who is smarter than them (or a locker room lawyer). I'm not sure I buy into that, especially at quarterback.