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Blaine Gabbert's Pro Day At Missouri Will Be From Under Center

Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert will conduct his pro day on Thursday in Columbia, Mo. and he'l have plenty of attention on him. Because he didn't throw at the NFL Combine, this is the first time scouts will see him in person (other than at Mizzou games last year).

One question NFL folks have about quarterbacks like Gabbert who come from a spread offense is whether they can handle taking a snap from center and the footwork that goes along with that. To prove that isn't an issue, Gabbert will take all of his snaps from under center, quarterbacks coach Terry Shea tells Don Banks of

To help prove that point, Shea said Gabbert will conduct his entire pro day workout from under center, with ex-Tigers center Tim Barnes on hand to snap the ball to his former quarterback. Every play will hopefully re-enforce that Gabbert's footwork is NFL ready, and no Tim Tebow-like transition away from the shotgun formation will be necessary.

Interesting stuff. That, along with his accuracy, will be the questions. Gabbert has the NFL body and he's believed to have the mental make-up necessary so those will be the big questions.

Check out Banks' full story on Gabbert.