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2011 NCAA Bracket Puts Mizzou On Big Stage Vs. Cincinnati

The Missouri Tigers are only a few hours away from entering college basketball's biggest stage when they open the 2011 NCAA tournament against the Cincinnati Bearcats. The game will take place at 8:45 p.m. (CT) in Washington D.C. and can be seen on TNT.

Mizzou hasn't played very well away from home and we're not quite sure why that is. In Columbia, they're a force to be reckoned with but once they leave Mizzou Arena, there's no consistency. It doesn't seem like Mizzou players are focusing on being on the road. Several players did, though, talk about playing on the big stage (like TNT!). Via the Kansas City Star: 

Marcus Denmon: "Every play is magnified. This is one of the biggest stages you can play on in college basketball."

Kim English: "That's what you dreamed of your whole life in the driveway. National championship. Two seconds left. In it goes."

Man, hearing stuff like that from Kim English makes me want to suit up and play. Yes, like many other out-of-shape non-athletes, I too think I could still give it a go and hit the winning shot in the national championship game.

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