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Blaine Gabbert's Pro Day: It's Show Time At Missouri

Blaine Gabbert's pro day is finally here. The Missouri Tigers QB will throw for scouts in Columbia, Mo. on Thursday for the first time. I'm getting pretty excited because, unless I'm forgetting another year, this will be the most popular pro day Mizzou has ever seen. 

Here are a few thoughts I have on the day.

This is the first time he's thrown for scouts. He's not a senior so he wasn't at the Senior Bowl and he didn't throw at the NFL Combine. Tom Condom QB clients often wait until their pro day to throw so this isn't an unusual move and not throwing at the Combine doesn't say anything about him. But by waiting he has put a little more pressure on himself for today's workout.

Mizzou's pro day should be popular. Gabbert and DE Aldon Smith will be at the pro day and they're going to be a pair of first round picks. And, because Gabbert hasn't thrown for scouts yet, we'll have more than usual here. Also, I've heard plenty of media folks making their way up there.

Gabbert will be throwing from under center. He's coming from a spread offense and the question folks always have about those types of QBs is whether they can handle snaps from under center. Mizzou was like most spread offenses where Gabbert rarely took a snap from under center. Gabbert's QB coach, Terry Shea, confirmed he would take every snap from under center.

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