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Blaine Gabbert's Pro Day: Lack Of Receivers Will Make Things Difficult

The Missouri Tigers will hold a pro day on Thursday and, as expected, QB Blaine Gabbert is the center of attention. Gabbert wil throw to receivers in front of scouts on Thursday for the first time since the season ended. He's not a senior so he wasn't at the Senior Bowl and he didn't throw at the 2011 NFL Combine.

So what's his workout schedule like? Here's what the Sporting News had to say:

Gabbert has a script of 60 passes that he will throw under the direction of former NFL quarterbacks coach Terry Shea, who has been working with Gabbert at the Athletes' Performance complex in Phoenix.

What will make this a little difficult for Gabbert is that he won't be that familiar with his receivers. Current NFL players can not participate in the pro days because of the NFL lockout and Mizzou doesn't have any draft prospects at receiver.

Missouri doesn't have any draft prospects at receiver, and current NFL players are prohibited from participating in pro days because of the lockout. So Gabbert is expected to throw to receivers from Central Missouri State, Northwest Missouri State and Lindenwood University.

Big day for Gabbert. The receiver situation doesn't make things perfect but I've got a feeling he'll be just fine. ESPN is at the pro day so tune in to see how Gabbert does.

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