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What Does Mizzou Coach Mike Anderson's Silence On Arkansas Rumors Mean?

Everyone has heard the rumors floating around. Missouri Tigers head coach Mike Anderson is rumored to be heading to Arkansas as the Razorbacks next head coach. Gary Parrish of has reported that Anderson is "close to reaching an agreement in principle" to join Arkansas.

Mizzou officials have heard the rumors. Players have heard the rumors. Fans have heard the rumors.

So why is Anderson silent?

If he was completely certain he was staying at Missouri, he would have ended the speculation, right? He did that several weeks ago saying he wanted to retire at Missouri but, after Parrish's latest report, along with reports out of Arkansas, it's clear the rumors are back and they have a lot more steam. He says he doesn't read rumors but you and I both know he understands what's out there.

So, again, why is Anderson silent?

Reading the tea leaves, his silence would suggest there's something going on. Two years ago, it was rumors involving Georgia's head coaching job, which lead to a contract extension, and last year it was Oregon. Anderson listened to offers from Oregon but decided to stay in Missouri.

So maybe the something that's going on is a contract extension. That's the only reason I can think of that would cause him to be silent. Allow the rumors to stew for a little bit and then use it as leverage to acquire more financial security. I'm not sure what his silence means but it strongly suggests something -- contract extension? job offer from Arkansas? -- is going on.