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Who Is The Source Behind Mike Anderson To Arkansas Rumors?

We've been reading reports for several days now that Missouri Tigers head coach may be heading to Arkansas to take the Razorbacks head coaching job. Calling them "reports" may even be premature. There have been tweets and speculation that Anderson is headed to Arkansas but there's been no smoking gun to connect him to the job.

Sports By Brooks reports that Mizzou AD Mike Alden hasn't told anyone Anderson is leaving and Anderson himself has said publicly (earlier this week) that he's not leaving.

So where is the speculation coming from? Sports By Brooks has an idea and points the finger at Anderson's agent, Jimmy Sexton.

Mike Anderson's agent, Jimmy Sexton, who is based on Memphis, is leaking to media to try to leverage MU AD Alden to up Anderson's deal past $2M per season. A source has told me repeatedly that Sexton's scheme will not work.

This makes sense because it appears that Anderson hasn't -- and can't without permission -- interviewed with Arkansas. As Steve Walentik of the Columbia Daily Tribune points out, Sexton could have contact with Arkansas without violating the terms of Anderson's contract. 

I'd encourage you to read this story from Rock M Nation that came out during the Oregon talk last year. There are some similarities in the situations.

Now we'll see if Anderson stays. He's said publicly he will and Mizzou fans are hoping that's the case. Other than speculation, we have no reason to think he'll really leave.