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Report: Mike Anderson Offered 5-Year Deal By Arkansas

What we know is that Mike Anderson said publicly earlier this week that he will remain head coach of the Missouri Tigers. But that hasn't stopped the rumor mill from churning. The latest news comes from Mike Irwin of 5 News in Arkansas and he includes a couple of rather important tidbits.

First, he reports that former Arkansas head coach Nolan Richardson says that Anderson is dealing with the "death of a close personal friend" which will likely occupy him for a few days.

Second, he reports that Anderson's agent, Jimmy Sexton, has begun talks with Arkansas AD Jeff Long.

Other sources told 5News on Sunday that Anderson's agent had begun talks with Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long. The sources said Long had offered Anderson a five year deal at two million dollars annually and is holding firm to that offer even though the agent, Jimmy Sexton, is asking for a longer contract and a higher amount of annual compensation.

The report states that Arkansas is willing to wait "a day or two" and that Anderson is expected to accept the offer.

To me, this screams of a money-grab by Anderson and/or his agent. The details of the report suggests, to me at least, that Anderson's agent is the source in this story. Mizzou will now have to act quickly to keep Anderson, likely with a raise, and who would benefit from that? Anderson and/or his agent. Someone with an interest in creating leverage for Anderson is talking.

We'll see what happens from here but this whole situation seems fishy.