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Mike Anderson To Arkansas Rumors Won't Stop

The rumors connecting Missouri Tigers head coach Mike Andeson to the vacant job at Arkansas continue. There have some reporting that Anderson to Arkansas is only a formality at this point and the two sides are discussing contract. Those reports mostly come from Arkansas, and a few from Oklahoma. Missouri media mostly isn't reporting that Anderson is gone.

So whoever is leaking this information, is in Arkansas, or is simply giving it to Arkansas media. And whoever is leaking the information also wants to create leverage for Anderson. The latest report is that Anderson's agent, Jimmy Sexton, has had discussions with Arkansas AD Jeff Long and that there was an offer of a five year deal at $2 million per year.

The KC Star has reported that Mizzou AD Mike Alden may be willing to go up to $2 million per year anyway so I'm not sure what the purpose of the Arkansas five-year offer report is. Apparently, according to the original report, Sexton is trying to get more money from Arkansas.

If this information is coming from where we think it's coming from, then it's all designed to put some pressure on Mizzou to bump Anderson's pay.

Something needs to come to a head soon, I think. Someone is obviously talking for Anderson and getting these rumors out there and in turn it's creating the impression that he could go to Arkansas and Missouri may need to pay him to keep him. They're not coming out of nowhere and being completely made up. That's information that would come from an agent. I understand the job of an agent but this is now several consecutive days where rumors continue to spin around.