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Mike Anderson, Mizzou Nearing 2-Year Extension, Raise, According To Report

The last few days we've seen multiple reports out of Arkansas and, oddly enough, Oklahoma, indicating that Missouri Tigers head coach Mike Anderson may be headed to Arkansas to become the Razorbacks head coach. A report on Sunday even indicated that Anderson's agent, Jimmy Sexton, was negotiating with Arkansas AD Jeff Long on a deal that would pay Anderson $2 million annually, which is about $500,000 higher than his current base salary.

I said at the time that the whole situation smelled like an agent putting the pressure on Mizzou to give his client a raise. We're not sure if that's the case but the most recent report suggests that may be the case.

Vahe Gregorian of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports Anderson and Mizzou are nearing an extension that would add two years to the remaining five on his current deal as well as bumping his salary up to $2 million per year. 

Pending formal approval today or tomorrow by the University of Missouri Board of Curators, according to two sources familiar with the dynamics, Mizzou is on the verge of finalizing a contract extension and raise for basketball coach Mike Anderson that it believes will keep him at MU.

Assuming Anderson agrees to the deal, he'll be back at Mizzou with a couple more years on his deal and a little more cash. 

Gregorian writes the offer has been in the works for weeks. I'm just speculating here but I wonder if that's really the case. There have been a lot of rumors -- which were coming from someplace -- making some (certainly not all) doubt Anderson's allegiance to Mizzou. The suggestion that it's been in the works for weeks would be a way to quiet the concerns that Anderson ever thought about leaving. Just my two cents, though.

It sounds like the Jimmy Sexton special.

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