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Mike Anderson's Agent Says 'Should Be Some Resolution In The Next Few Days'

Missouri Tigers head coach Mike Anderson has been involved in a ridiculous number of rumors connecting him to the open job at Arkanasas. Anderson publicly addressed them last week and said he's a Missouri Tiger which would seemingly end the speculation.

It hasn't ended the speculation. But, according to Anderson's agent, Jimmy Sexton, the speculation may be ending soon. Sexton appeared on a Memphis radio station (WHBQ) and briefly addressed Anderson's status indicating that he's been in discussions with Missouri for several weeks now but nothing is imminent.

"We've been in discussions with them for several weeks now. Those are ongoing discussions. Nothing is imminent this second so I can't really speak to it. There should be some resolution to that in the next few days."

Well, I'm not sure what that means. A St. Louis Post-Dispatch report on Monday said Mizzou was preparing an offer that would give Anderson a two-year extension as well as a bump in salary.

Here is audio of Sexton's appearance on WHBQ. The Mizzou part comes in the final minute.