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Another Day, Another Mike Anderson To Arkansas Report

If Mike Anderson doesn't go to the Arkansas Razorbacks to become head coach -- and he said as recently as last Thursday that he won't -- then there are going to be some disappointed and pissed off Arkansas fans. That's because Arkansas news outlets continue to report that Anderson will be the next Razorbacks head coach.

Nate Allen of the Baxter Bulletin is the latest from Arkansas to report this:

Sources close to college basketball, and sources close to Arkansas said Tuesday night they anticipate Missouri coach Mike Anderson becoming the Arkansas Razorbacks' next head coach.

So sources tell him Anderson is going to Arkansas but three paragraphs down he writes "etch nothing in stone" so I'm not sure if we should believe his report if he's clearly not confident in it by throwing in a disclaimer within the first 100 words of the story.

The Anderson to Arkansas story is one of the craziest stories I remember. Arkansas reporters clearly have someone (ahem, Mr. Jimmy Sexton) feeding them information that's putting the pressure on Mizzou fans to encourage AD Mike Alden to do what it takes to keep Anderson.

Another day, another report....