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ESPN Now Says Mike Anderson To Arkansas

The situation with Missouri Tigers head coach Mike Anderson goes on but this time there's a slightly bigger media outlet running with the story that he'll be the next head coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks. Andy Katz of, who reported on Mizzou's coming offer of a contract extension and raise earlier this week, now reports Anderson is "expected to accept an offer" from Arkansas.

Katz cited multiple sources that say he's headed to Arkansas. That said, he also has a source from Missouri saying Anderson is expected to stay with the Tigers. He describes the situation as "fluid".

The last time we heard from Anderson, after Mizzou's NCAA tourney loss, he said he was going to remain a Missouri Tiger and, several weeks ago, he said he wanted to retire at Mizzou.

But Nolan Richardson went on the record with Katz to say Anderson is "50-50" right now.

"Mike told me it was 50-50 since he was still negotiating," Richardson said Wednesday morning by phone. "I'm happy for him. I support Mike and I will support him wherever he goes. He's like a son to me."

I've been a little tough on the local Arkansas TV reports that said Anderson was headed to the Razorbacks because there was reason to believe this was a power play by Anderson's agent, Jimmy Sexton. However, with Richardson going on the record to confirm there are negotiations going on, those reports have a little more bite.