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Do Missouri Fans Want Mike Anderson Back After Latest Arkansas Rumors?

Well I'm not sure how Mike Anderson can come back to the Missouri Tigers now. Publicly, he's said the right things. Last Thursday after Mizzou's loss to Cincinnati in the NCAA Tournament, he said he's already addressed the Arkansas rumors (which was a couple weeks prior when he said he wanted to retire at Missouri).

But the Anderson-to-Arkansas train didn't stop and repeated reports out of Arkansas say he'll be the Razorbacks head coach, despite his public denial. Now, Nolan Richardson has gone on the record to say Anderson told him he's '50-50' right now on deciding which job he'll take.

So how can Mizzou fans open their arms if he decides to return? Here's Pat Forde of

As a Missouri alum, my suggestion to Anderson is to take the Arkansas job. Because the fans won't welcome him back w open arms after this.

This is the third consecutive year he's done this. I'm not saying that's necessarily a bad thing -- truthfully it's life in big-time college basketball -- but that doesn't mean the fan base has to be happy about it.

What say you, Mizzou fans. If Anderson decides to come back, is he welcomed with open arms?