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Nolan Richardson Says 'Something Will Happen Today' On Mike Anderson Arkansas, Missouri Decision

Missouri Tigers head coach Mike Anderson is in Tulsa with Nolan Richardson for the funeral of a close friend and it appears today will be the day we finally have a definitive answer on the rumors swirling he'll be headed to Arkansas to become the Razorbacks head coach.

Dean Blevins of tweets that he talked with Richardson who said "something will happen today."

So what will that something be?

Most of the reports out of Arkansas say he's expected to take the Arkansas job while most of the reports out of Kansas City and St. Louis indicate he's expected to stay at Missouri.

This has been one of the wilder stories I remember, even by college basketball head coaching standards. According to reports, the Tigers are willing to bump his salary to $2 million per year while the Razorbacks are putting together a package that would increase that to $2.2 million per year and with incentives as high as $2.6 million.

So today is the day. There are lots of anxious Mizzou and Arkansas fans waiting to hear what happens.