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Mike Anderson To Arkansas Nearly Done; Reportedly Tells Missouri He's Gone

We haven't heard anything officially official but just about every college basketball media outlet has reported that Mike Anderson is leaving the Missouri Tigers to take the head coaching job of the Arkansas Razorbacks. Sports By Brooks reports that he has told Missouri he is gone (and AD Mike Alden removed the sign from his parking spot...maybe not)

The players haven't heard from Anderson yet, according to two players who spoke with Mike DeArmond of the KC Star.

"I know nothing," one player said, even in the face of growing speculation that Anderson had already accepted a $2.2 million per season, seven-year contract offer from Arkansas.

The other player noted that: "I wouldn't be surprised if he takes it. Won't be surprised or upset if he leaves."

That was posted about an hour ago so it's possible (if not likely) he's spoken to them since. According to reports, Anderson told his players several weeks ago that if anything was going to happen, they would hear it from him. But of course in the day of Twitter, that's nearly impossible. Vahe Gregorian of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch those in Columbia have been told he is gone.

Anderson was reportedly flying from Tulsa, where he was at the funeral of a friend, back to Columbia.