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KC Star Says Mike Anderson To Arkansas Isn't A Done Deal; Thursday Is Decision Day

This is getting a little ridiculous. Or, more accurately, it's been ridiculous for a while. It seems that everyone from smaller Arkansas TV stations to has reported that Mike Anderson will leave the Missouri Tigers to become the head coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks.

The Kansas City Star has yet to report that Anderson is gone which, if you're a Mizzou fan who wants Anderson to stay, is your last ray of hope. The KC Star reports that Anderson has requested permission to speak with Arkansas, and that permission has been granted.

But according to a Missouri athletic department official, Anderson has not informed MU he has taken the Arkansas job or that he intends to break his contract that still has five years to run at Missouri.

Sources have told The Star that there is a time limit on Anderson's discussions with Arkansas officials. And that limit ends on Thursday.

Reports emerged on Wednesday that Anderson had told Mizzou he's leaving for Arkansas. According to the Star's report, that is not the case. I can't tell you who is right and who is wrong anymore because this has been among the most bizarre weeks I've ever seen. But I can tell you that the Star is very reputable so...I'm not sure what that means. Just sayin'.

Thursday is apparently the next key day in this never-ending story. A large number of media outlets have reported Anderson is as good as gone to Arkansas and Mizzou fans have understandably been upset by this news so it's hard to see how Anderson can return now, especially since we haven't heard anything from him publicly.