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Report: Mike Anderson Signs Arkansas Contract

We've heard no official word from either university but Mike Irwin of 5 News in Arkansas reports Mike has signed a contract to become the next head coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks. The last we heard, the KC Star was reporting that Anderson had until Thursday to decide if he was going to leave the Missouri Tigers.

Apparently he's made his decision and, according to this report, he's signed, sealed and delivered. He reportedly signed it in Tulsa, where he was at the funeral of a long-time friend. Anderson's new contract is expected to be seven years averaging over $2 million per year. He had five years remaining on his contract with Missouri.

Neither school has made this official but, if Irwin's report is accurate, we can expect an announcement soon. First, from Missouri that Anderson is leaving and, second, from Arkansas announced Anderson is headed to the Razorbacks.

After the reports connecting Anderson to Arkansas over the past few days, and no official word from Anderson, it was hard to see how he could come back to Mizzou. Many fans clearly weren't happy and had decided to move on already.

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