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VIDEO: Mizzou's Kim English On Mike Anderson Leaving For Arkansas

The Missouri Tigers players are saying the right things, that's for sure. At a Wednesday night press conference, Mizzou AD Mike Alden announced head coach Mike Anderson's departure for the Arkansas Razorbacks. Though the players said the right thing, it's obvious they were hurting.

Mizzou's Kim English is one of the best ambassadors of Mizzou and he spoke on Anderson's departure. My favorite line from him was that the Tigers would reconcile Anderson's loss by winning.

Yep...that's the right answer. Everyone seems to forget the bad things when things are going well and you're winning. As they say, winning cures a lot of ills. 

Here's video of English talking about Anderson's departure. No one said anything bad about Anderson although they admitted there was some hurt there, which is expected.

Video via Eric Blumberg of KOMU: