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Would Cardinals Trade Up In 2011 NFL Draft For QB Blaine Gabbert?

If they had to trade up to get Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert in the 2011 NFL draft, would they do it? The Arizona Cardinals sent a contingent of team personnel -- including the Bidwills who own the team -- to put Gabbert through a private workout this week.

Though draft season is also called silly season -- because of the crazy draft rumors and lies floating around -- this is a strong indication that the Cardinals really like Gabbert. It's not every day that you owner goes to a personal workout. 

The Cardinals pick fifth in the draft and obviously like Gabbert. ESPN's Chris Mortensen said if they can get him, they will. The problem of course is that the Cardinals aren't alone in liking Gabbert. Of the four teams picking ahead of the Cardinals, three are in the market for a quarterback, possibly all four if you include the Denver Broncos, who are working out top quarterback prospects.

I would guess that if the Cardinals wanted Gabbert, they'd have to trade up for him. He's pulling away as the top quarterback on the board, though some teams, like the Buffalo Bills, may still prefer Auburn QB Cam Newton. 

It is indeed silly season but I think the Cardinals have genuine interest in Gabbert. How much interest they have, though, will determine whether they'll consider moving up for him.