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Missouri Coaching Search: Candidates Mizzou Should Think About

SB Nation's Mizzou blog, Rock M Nation, has an awesome series going on right now looking at potential coaching candidates for the Tigers after Mike Anderson bolted for the Arkansas Razorbacks. I've gone through and linked to each story on each coach and it's worth clicking through and taking a look at the quick profile. 

These aren't actual candidates that have been interviewed or anything. These are names that make some sense.

Matt Painter, Purdue: Not sure if he'd actually come to Mizzou. 88 percent of readers think he'd just use Mizzou as leverage against Purdue. He's a Purdue guy so it's hard to see him leaving.

Scott Sutton, Oral Roberts: A very interesting candidate but one Sports By Brooks reports is not under consideration for the Mizzou job. Apparently he's not interviewing. We'll see. The positives though are that he can recruit the area.

Brian Gregory, Dayton: There's something just "meh" about him. He does well in a lot of areas but doesn't seem to be a master in any. He does fit the track record though coaching at Dayton and coming up from under Tom Izzo.

Gregg Marshall, Wichita State: The positives are that he's from the area and seems like a loyal guy. 65 percent of RMN readers though say no thanks.

Cuonzo Martin, Missouri State: He has strong ties to St. Louis and is already in the Mizzou area at SMS, err, Missouri State. He's improved his team each year he's been there. Says he hasn't been contacted by anyone from Mizzou (yet?).

Buzz Williams, Marquette: 66 percent of RMN readers want him and I agree. Other schools will want him, too. He'd be near the top of my list.