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Purdue Coach Matt Painter Reportedly Contacted By Mizzou

Purdue head coach Matt Painter is on the Missouri Tigers radar. Last week Mike DeArmond of the KC Star reported that Painter is high on Mizzou's coaching short list and now DeArmond passes along a report that Mizzou has contacted Painter. It was also reported on that Painter knows he is Mizzou's No. 1 target.

"There is enough smoke here to suggest there is fire and that the possibility that Purdue will be looking for a new basketball coach is a real one."

Interesting stuff. Painter's been tabbed the No. 1 guy since DeArmond's report last weekend. It appears they're making a strong run at him. Painter is making about $1.3 million right now and it's bumped up to about $1.5 million with incentives.

We're not sure what Mizzou would offer but they did have a $2 million per year contract set up for Mike Anderson so we know they could go at least that high. Whether they do or not is another story.

As SB Nation's Rock M Nation likes to point out, AD Mike Alden hasn't made a bad hire since Quin Sndyer in the late '90s so here's to hoping he lands his man.