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2011 NFL Draft: Blaine Gabbert Won't Get Past Arizona Cardinals At 5th Pick

We've been talking a little bit about how high Missouri Tigers QB Blaine Gabbert can go in the 2011 NFL draft. It could be the Carolina Panthers with the top pick, perhaps the Denver Broncos as a darkhorse candidate with the second pick, or maybe even the Buffalo Bills or Cincinnati Bengals at the third or fourth pick, respectively.

But we can now predict how low Gabbert can go -- not past Arizona. The Cardinals are believed to be high on Gabbert, high enough to send their ownership contingent to his workout with Cardinals coaches last week.

Peter King of has taken a look at where Gabbert could go and concludes he will not get past Arizona at the fifth pick. Dave Matter of the Columbia Tribune wrote several weeks ago that he heard the Cardinals would put the full-court press on Gabbert and it appears he's correct.

The most likely scenario, I think, is Gabbert going before the fifth pick. All four of the top teams -- Carolina, Denver, Buffalo or Cincinnati -- could reasonably make a run at Gabbert. 

So if Arizona truly wants Gabbert, they may have to make a move up to get him.