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Matt Painter Becoming The Favorite For Missouri Tigers Head Coaching Job

The Missouri Tigers coaching search continues after Mike Anderson left last week to take the open head coaching job with the Arkansas Razorbacks. Candidates for the Mizzou job have been thrown out left and right but less than one week in and the focus is on one man -- Purdue's Matt Painter.

Kansas City and St. Louis media have honed in on him as the No. 1 target right now and the St. Louis Post-Dispatchhas sources who put the odds on him coming to Mizzou as "better than a 50 percent chance" right now. 

I'd caution, though, that the Anderson saga should have taught us something -- what's true today may not be true tomorrow. Or what's true right now may not be true in an hour.

In other words, this is a fluid situation.

But Mizzou is reportedly meeting with Painter where he hopes to gauge their commitment to the basketball program. Mizzou was reportedly willing to bump Anderson's salary to $2 million per year so, if they did the same for Painter, their commitment to the program would be obvious.

We'll see how this thing shakes out but as of now it appears Painter is the odds-on favorite to land the job.

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