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Matt Painter's Chances To Missouri "Better Than 50 Percent"

The latest reports coming from sources to The Sporting News concerning the rumors of Purdue head coach Matt Painter heading to Missouri are coming as bad news to Purdue fans. That’s because the chances that Painter bolts for the money are “better than a 50 percent chance that Painter would accept an offer.”

Purdue experienced another winning season under Painter with 26 wins and a No. 3 seed in this year’s tournament. While they were ousted early, considering this year’s upside-down tournament, nearly every coach looks bad to some degree. The reality is that Painter’s strong track record since 2005 includes 130 wins against 61 losses and two Sweet 16 appearances in the last three seasons. He’s a known commodity who can succeed in a major conference and has strong Midwestern ties that would help with recruiting.

Missouri might have other candidates on its list, but Painter will likely be as good as it gets rather than a one-time candidate who gets hot in a tournament. If anything Painter would likely represent a step forward rather than just replacing Mike Anderson.