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Matt Painter, Missouri Meeting In Next 24 Hours, According To Report

Gabe DeArmond of is reporting that Purdue head coach Matt Painter will meet with Missouri officials in the next 24 hours. Painter is being pursued by Mizzou to potentially become the next head coach of the Tigers. It's unclear which way Painter is leaning at the moment.

Mizzou is believed to be able to boost his salary to $2 million (or more) per year though that number is what they had been offering to Anderson, not necessarily to Painter.

There are likely other candidates but judging by all the media reports in the last several days, Painter is the top candidate. Presumably, Mizzou would only offer a contract if they felt they could actually get Painter. So if you hear of Mizzou making a contract offer, then the wheels will really be moving then.

The KC Star reported on Monday that Mizzou wants some sort of resolution to all of this before the Final Four this weekend. That would indicate a decision is coming possibly as soon as Wednesday or Thursday.