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Reporter Backs Off Matt Painter To Mizzou Story

Update: And now Dick Weiss is backing off his story, via Twitter: "woo0h. don't want to get too far ahead of matt painter thing those were just nos we're hearing from friend agent to meet with ad tomorrow" He also tweets that he has to trust two other reporters who deny his own story. This is weird. The previous title to this story was "Matt Painter To Mizzou On Seven Year Deal, According To Report".

On Monday evening a reporter from the Fort Wayne News Sentinel reported that he was "hearing" Matt Painter left Purdue accepted the head coaching job with the Missouri Tigers. There was no follow-up from him or a post on the paper's website.

So many didn't believe him. Maybe he was just swinging for the fences on that one but Dick Weiss of the NY Daily News also reports Painter is headed to Missouri and includes some numbers in the deal lending it some more credibility:

matt painter to missouri 7 yrs 14 mill' tigers got a great coach will purdue make a pitch for brad stevens    

After the Mike Anderson story the last couple weeks, remember that nothing is official until you see him up there at the podium during his introductory press conference.

(And what's the irony in a reporter from another state reporting this after the Oklahoma reports last week?)

Mizzou was reportedly ready to give former coach Mike Anderson an extension that would put his contract at seven years and $2 million annually. This would appear to be a similar contract.

If the report is accurate, then we should expect some sort of announcement from Mizzou. Reports indicated that Mizzou officials were meeting with Painter sometime on Monday so the timeline on this report makes sense. Other reports said Mizzou was bringing the necessary paperwork to the meeting to get a deal done.

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