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As Expected, Conflicting Reports On Matt Painter To Mizzou As New Basketball Coach

We passed along a report shortly ago indicating that Purdue's Matt Painter had agreed to become the Missouri Tigers' new head coach. The report even included some news saying it was a seven-year deal worth $14 million. We noted at the time that nothing is official until you see him up at that introductory press conference.

And, as expected, a report has surfaced indicating that Matt Painter to Mizzou is not a done deal. Here's what Jeff Rabjohns of the Indy Star has to say:

Purdue coach Matt Painter has not accepted the Missouri job, sources confirm. Missouri continues to pursue.    

After the Mike Anderson story last week, we figured there would be conflicting reports on Painter's status. What is it about Mizzou basketball and ridiculous stories?

Rabjohns passes along a few quotes from former Purdue coach Gene Keady about Painter indicating that, as of an hour ago, he wasn't leaning one way or the other. Mizzou officials were meeting with Painter today, according to various reports.

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Update: And Sports By Brooks adds to the "not done" part: "Mizzou has not yet met with Painter and there absolutely, positively has been no job offer made. There will be a face-to-face between Painter and Mizzou Tuesday. If the interview goes well, Painter will be offered the job and have 24 hours to decide."