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Matt Painter, Missouri Meeting On Tuesday

There were (false) reports on Monday that Purdue's Matt Painter and the Missouri Tigers had agreed to a deal bringing Painter to Mizzou as the Tigers new head coach. After that proved to be false (for now), it's time to focus on the news again.

Painter and Mizzou will meet on Tuesday, according to reports. We'll see how badly Mizzou AD Mike Alden wants Painter but I think he has the arsenal to make the sell. 

Mizzou can offer more money. Painter was getting an average base salary of $1.3 million (with more in incentives) and Mizzou was prepared to offer Mike Anderson $2 million per year on a seven year deal.

Mizzou can offer a better situation right now. Mizzou is losing one senior and will have a lot of experience coming back. The incoming recruits and freshman aren't looking great at the moment but in the short term Mizzou may have more to offer.

We'll see what happens of this meeting. Generally, a school wouldn't want news of a meeting like this to become public unless they felt they had a reasonable shot of getting him. So my guess is that the next news we come across will be an offer.

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